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Sun'soil Premium Auto Guard (250ml)

Sun'soil Premium AUTO GUARD


Sun'soil Premium AUTO GUARD
suitable for DIESEL, GASOLINE, CNG (NGV) & LPG systems

Helps reducing fuel consumption
Reduces maintenance cost by extending engine life

Improves engine efficiency
Engine components run smoother and easy to start
Better acceleration power

Acts as protective strong & thin film on metal parts
Reduces harmful & inefficiency friction and excessive heat in engine system
Resulted in less heat, less noise, less wears and tears
Extending engine life

- SUNSOIL PREMIUM AUTO GUARD is easy to use, just pour into the engine crankcase or mix with engine oil in ratio of 250ml per 4-7 litres of engine oil
- SUNSOIL PREMIUM AUTO GUARD can be used in both new and older, high-mileage vehicles


Packaging sizes: 250ml, 1L, 18L, 200L, BULK


(engine treatment for motocycles)

Packaging sizes: 40ml, box 12 x 40ml,
Carton 20 x 12 x 40ml, BULK

(fuel treatment)

Packaging sizes: 50ml, box 12 x 50ml,
Carton 20 x 12 x 50ml, BULK

SUN'SOIL COOLANT concentrate premium
(concentrated radiator coolant)

was specifically formulated for high ambient temperatures of South East Asia
maximizing engine cooling efficiency and providing the highest level of
corrosion protection to the entire cooling system.
The overall result is lower operating temperatures and a cooler running engine.

Ford Specification ESR-FM7C35-C
British Standard BS 6580
Japanese Standard JIS K2234
Australian Standard AS/NZ 2108.1.1997
ASTM D1384 & ASTM D4340

Recommended mixing ratio is 1:3
Service life: 2 years or 40,000 km.

Packaging sizes: 1L, 18L, 200L, IBC 1000L


Automotive engine oil

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